Monday, December 30, 2013

Flower of the Month Series - Michaelmas Daisy - Royal Albert

Here is a saucer missing it's tea cup, but that's okay because it sure is pretty!

This was the saucer that went with the September tea cup.

This series was produced in 1970.  Each month was a different flower.  The flowers featured in this series were:  Snowdrops, Violets, Anemones, Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley, Roses, Forget-Me-Not, Poppy, Michaelmas Daisy, Cosmos, Chrysanthemum and Christmas Rose

 ~ Royal Albert ~ Bone China ~ England ~ Flower of the Month Series ~ Michaelmas Daisy ~

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Small Paragon Plate - Tay 'San

Here is the second small china plate I picked up on our BC vacation.  It is also made by Paragon.

I saw somewhere online that this pattern was originally manufactured in 1981.  Paragon was owned by Royal Doulton at that point.

~ By Appointment to HM the Queen ~ China Potters ~ PARAGON ~ China Ltd ~ Stoke-on-Trent ~ Tay 'San ~ Made in England ~ Reg'd L/L ~

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Small Paragon Plate - Tapestry Rose

While vacationing in BC I found a few mismatched china pieces for a great deal!  This small plate is really cute and cheerful!

It's made by Paragon between 1939-1949.  The pattern itself seems to have been produced over a number of years and has a variety of different backstamps.

~ Paragon ~ HM the Queen & HM Queen Mary ~ Fine Bone China ~ ~ England ~ Reg'd ~ Tapestry Rose ~

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Green Paragon Tea Cup

Here's another tea cup to share:

It is a beautiful tea cup that is missing it's saucer.  The lady had sold the saucers earlier, then found the matching tea cups!  I think this is a beautiful tea cup, even missing the saucer.  One day I'll find something that will work with it!  Simple white and gold on the outside ... and bright colours on the inside!

Here is the back stamp.  I didn't find this exact one online, but similar one to it dates a tea cup around 1939-1949.

~ Paragon by appointment to ~ HM The Queen & HM Queen Mary ~ Fine Bone China ~ England Reg’d  ~