Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Royal Stafford - Rose Pansy Forget-Me-Not

I bought this tea cup last September at a ‘flee market’ just outside Salmon Arm BC.  

We found this neat little shop on a camping trip through British Columbia.
We had fun throughout the trip veering off the highway following signs pointing us to antique stores.  We met lots of nice people and snooped through some great antique collections.  

I love the shape of this tea cup.  The soft rounded edges are unique.  It also has such a cute little handle with little dots along it!
I love these Roses, Pansies and Forget-Me-Nots.  So fun and pretty!  

Here is it's back stamp:

~ Royal Stafford ~ Bone China ~ Made in England ~ Rose Pansy Forget-Me-Not ~

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tea Cup Stands

I have all these precious tea cups ... and the question was how can I display them in a unique way?  My husband and I had seen some great tea cup stands used as displays at antique stores, but we had not been able to find a place to buy them locally.  Then, for my birthday, he managed to find a place to buy them and presented me with three wonderful metal stands!
Aren't they great?

A special home for 12 of my tea cups!


Amendment 2011-Mar-26:
My husband found them at this site:

Unfortunately they look like they are currently out of stock!  Maybe they will get some in soon!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Royal Stafford - 8224

Here is a simple pale green tea cup I found at an estate sale recently.  
Simple and elegant ... and so pretty!
Here is the back stamp:
~ Royal Stafford ~ Bone China ~ Made In England ~ 8224 ~

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Royal Albert - Wild Geranium

Here is one of the newer additions to my collection:
This is such a unique pattern.  I love the country road framed with trees and wild geraniums!
This Malvern shaped cup has such a lovely rippled edge
Such cheerful little flowers
From what I have read, I think tea cups produced in the 1940s had this back stamp.

~ Royal Albert ~ Bone China ~ England ~ Wild Geranium ~

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Royal Albert - Petunia 1569

What a sad, but beautiful mess!
So ... this used to be a beautiful tea cup I found the other weekend at an estate sale.  I was quite excited about it, too!
Shortly after posting about how beautiful my amaryllis was, this disaster took place.
Early one morning, while we were still asleep, we were awakened by a large CRASH! 

We went downstairs to see what this could have been ... and there on the floor was the amaryllis and my little tea cup.  Plant, pot and tea cup all smashed into pieces. 

We are guessing one of the flowers opened up, and knocked to amaryllis off balance.  I guess 6 flowers were just too many for my tall plant and its pot could not keep it standing.  It fell and brought this little tea time treasure along with it
You can see what is left of the back stamp.  This pattern was produced between 1927-1935.  Oh, what a sad, sad day!

What should I do with all my broken pieces?  I think they are still quite beautiful!

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