Sunday, November 14, 2010

Royal Albert - September Song

My parents came back from vacationing in British Columbia once with a wonderful find from an antique store in Revelstoke.  September Song is such a beautiful addition to my tea cup collection. 
 September is my birthday month and the month of my wedding anniversary.  I love this cup.

It has raised detailing around the base of the tea cup and around the edge of the saucer.  The teacup sits on a little petistal ... the tea cup shape is Gainsborough.  From what I can tell it was probably made in the 1970’s.

This is one of my favorite tea time treasures!!


  1. This is gorgeous with all the details. Even the bottom of the cup has flowers! I have one called Autumn Rose. Thanks for sharing your special treasures. Lisa

  2. we have something in common! we love Royal Albert and I have this cup too! isn't this cup pretty? :-)

  3. i too the same cup and saucer but it is a bit faded but it is still my favorite china

  4. i am lucky I have the entire china set