Monday, January 17, 2011

Royal Albert - Forget-Me-Not

I am joining  Martha's Favorites and Artful Affirmations for another Tea Cup Tuesday.  Today I want to show you my Royal Albert "Forget-Me-Not" tea cups!

I found this wonderful set while garage sale-ing ...

 There were 4 dinner plates, 11 tea cups, 13 luncheon plates and 6 fruit nappies. (What a combination!!)

The simple blue floral pattern was perfect.  Surprisingly, the price was set at $20 for all. I had to have it, and when I went to pay, the lady tried to persuade me to take another full set of dishes as well for free.

My Forget-Me-Not dishes have became my everyday dishes.  How special is it to eat off bone china every day??

The front of the cups have a generous bouquet of forget-me-not flowers ... 

The back of the cup also has a small bouquet...

And of course there is a cute little flower on the inside of the cup as well!

It looks like Royal Albert is quite fond of the Forget-Me-Not flower, and has released a number of tea cups with this flower with varying shapes of cups and slightly different variations in the picture of the flower and the gold trim. 

I also have a un-named Royal Albert Cup with a slightly different Forget-Me-Not flower picture and a different cup shape.  I will have to share that one with you at a later time. 

This pattern appears to be established in 1950s, but I’m not sure how long it was produced.   I think the tea cup shape is called Countess and the plates are Hampton shaped.
~Forget-Me-Not ~ Royal Albert Bone China ~ England ~

And now I am ready for a cup of Strawberry tea!


  1. Beautiful set of china! Wow, how lucky are you to get this set for $20! The blue forget me nots are such a pretty flower for this set. You must really enjoy them.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thrifty find!

  2. Wow! I love it when that happens. It is so much fun. The pieces seem that much more beautiful. Although, this set did not need any help in the beauty department. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  3. for twenty bucks you own the whole set! my oh my! you just hit a jack pot! this is another beautiful set of Royal Albert and I've yet to get this set in my collection! I am pretty sure food eaten from this bone china set must be very tasty! thank you so much for sharing this lovely set! I love love love them all! have a great day!

  4. I love your forget-me-nots and what a wonderful find! sounds like this set was loved before is loved now. grand! Happy Tea Day!

  5. Don't you just love finding beauties like these! Wow...they are so very pretty and so precious! and to find a set of them is such an unbelievable thing!
    good for you!

    come by and see my cup...maybe we'll make a pot and share a tea together....I'm joining in all of the tea cup fun's been a while!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Hello Tara,

    What a beautiful set...I do love forget-me-nots and these are so daintily added to the lovely design of the china. $20...I'd say you know where to find the good stuff.

    Your vase is lovely...I hope your husband keeps it filled with love.

    I hope your day is delightful,

  7. What a wonderful set of china you found and at such a bargain price. The Royal Albert Forget-Me-Not pattern is lovely.

  8. Hi Tara,
    I enjoy your collection of teacups. Please post more....

  9. Blue Forget-Me-Knots, I love them. What a great bargain, and to have a whole set of dishes offered to you to boot!

    I especially like your header photo.

  10. What a beautiful set of dishes and how unusual that there were so many tea cups! Around here , it is the tea cups that are not plentiful at all!
    Maybe who ever had that originally did not use them but whatever it was, it was to your advantage!!
    They are so lovely!!


  11. You certainly got a great deal on these lovely dishes, Tara. The forget-me-not motif is so cheerful and inviting. They are really nice and I'm sure you enjoy using them. I'm a big believer in using all our "pretties" rather than storing them away for "someday". Thanks for sharing and for visiting Cottage and Creek. I appreciate it.
    ~ Lynn

  12. Hi Tara... what a gorgeous find it is.... I cant think of anything so much sophisticated and elegant in a garage sell... fab perfectly... love the colour style and specially the flower inside... beautiful....

  13. I also have some of these beautiful "forget me not" teacups, saucers and plates (set of 11)! I also have a coffee urn, tea pot, creamer & sugar bowls. I used to have a serving bowl but alas it was broken in the 1980's. I have 7 dinner plates & 9 luncheon plates as well. I found my unusual mixed set at a furniture restoration store that found the pieces in a cabinet they bought at a auction. I paid $125 way back in 1979 for my collection.

  14. So nice to have the extra serving pieces ... I'd love to have a matching serving bowl or plate as an addition to my collection. Sounds like you got quite a good deal as well, AIJo!!

  15. Hi Tara, I was a young girl when my aunt and mother bought and started me on my hope chest and two of the pieces were the Royal Albert china sugar bowl and milk jug to your set and pattern. For-get-me-not. They stopped making the pattern in the Royal Albert and I then changed the pattern to Paragon but I didn't like it a much as the Royal Albert. I have for-get-me-nots growing in my garden as well. Let me know if you want the sugar bowl and milk jug, it doesn't match my other pattern, I'm willing to sell.

  16. What a nice story behind your forget-me-not china pieces

  17. I have a complete Royal Albert "Forget me not" bone china, 6 cups, 6 saucers, sugar bowl, milk creamer, cake plate never been used that I would like to sell if anybody would be interested. Thanks!

  18. What a treasure you have purchased!! I'm a bit envious, and it makes me want to start scouring garage sales and antique shops! Thanks for the inspiration!