Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Here is the first of the red and gold tea cups.  The outside has a simple floral decoration, but there is a lot of detail on the inside of the tea cup.

You can see a pretty pheasant by a fence in a field with trees, flowers.  It's quite colourful and pretty.

It seems that this pattern was also made in blue as well.  I was not able to tell the age of this cup, but it may have been produced between 1936-1948.  E Brain and Co owned this company between the dates of 1903 - 1963.  This is the first piece of china that I have that was produced by Foley.

Here I've pared it with one of my mix-match saucers.  Works pretty good I think!

~ Foley China ~ "Broadway" ~ E. Brain & Co Ltd ~ English Bone China ~ Made in England ~

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