Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Atlas - Tranquil Garden (named by me)

On our way to a local park, my husband and I were flagged down to go to a 'free sale.'  How intriguing is that?  Amongst the clutter in this family's yard, I found a little orphan tea cup.   

The artwork depict a dreamy place in which one could imagine themselves wasting away an afternoon, perhaps sipping tea and reading a book. 

The problem, of course, was that it had no saucer.

It remained saucer-less until I came across a most excellent selection of saucers at a local antique shop.  I guess there was a lady who collected saucers and managed to acquire 18,000 of them over her life time – and apparently this antique store was selling off quite a number of them.  There were probably only 1000 or so for me to look through to find a companion for my little orphan cup and I eventually found one that seems to do the trick nicely. 

While certainly not a perfect match, the saucer’s soft floral design seems to complement my little tea cup.

I was a bit curious about this ‘Atlas’ stamp on the bottom.  My brief search on the web did not help me out too much.  I think it might be associated with Grimwades/Winton.  I think that the stamp on the bottom might date it to 1934-1939, but I’m not certain. 

Anyone have any information on this little guy?

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