Monday, October 25, 2010

Royal Albert - Green Park Series

I found these cups at an estate sale.  They were owned by a true tea cup collector.  The table was laden with tea cups of all shapes, sizes and types.  Her daughter said that the family had already filled their cupboards with many of their mother’s precious cups ... and they still had so many left to sell!

I am happy that these cups have found their way into my collection!

I believe that these cups were produced between 1960 and 1970.  They are Chelsea shaped.  They come in six beautiful colours:  Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Turquoise and Pink.

Perfect for a tea party for two!!!


  1. I have been looking at your cups on your blog, and all of them are really beautiful! I love these two very much.

  2. oh dear! these cups are my fave! been looking hi & low for this colour and managed to find yellow and pink but the blue one is just lovely!..

  3. Thank you! I bet the yellow cup is very beautiful!!

  4. I'm looking for the pink one if anyone has one they want to sell. :o) Thanks!!

  5. I have a blue if anyone is interested in purchasing it.