Monday, March 7, 2011

Royal Albert - Petunia 1569

What a sad, but beautiful mess!
So ... this used to be a beautiful tea cup I found the other weekend at an estate sale.  I was quite excited about it, too!
Shortly after posting about how beautiful my amaryllis was, this disaster took place.
Early one morning, while we were still asleep, we were awakened by a large CRASH! 

We went downstairs to see what this could have been ... and there on the floor was the amaryllis and my little tea cup.  Plant, pot and tea cup all smashed into pieces. 

We are guessing one of the flowers opened up, and knocked to amaryllis off balance.  I guess 6 flowers were just too many for my tall plant and its pot could not keep it standing.  It fell and brought this little tea time treasure along with it
You can see what is left of the back stamp.  This pattern was produced between 1927-1935.  Oh, what a sad, sad day!

What should I do with all my broken pieces?  I think they are still quite beautiful!

You can see more tea cups (hopefully still intact) by visiting Martha's Favorites and Artful Affirmations!


  1. Hi: I hate it when that happens to me. I have broken more things than I care to think about. You are right, it is even lovely broken. Have a wonderful week. I am sure God will provide another cup for you. Blessings, Martha

  2. Oh, what a shame! Such a beautiful teacup. Maybe you could save the pieces for a mosaic project, or trim and place the pieces in a plant or your garden.

  3. How beautiful and what a shame! 2 things come to mind: 1. Use porcelain glue to put it back together and use it for display only. or 2. Use it in a mosaic project- I saw a lady use one corner of the kitchen and mosaiced broken china as a border at the top of her tile splashback, another lady had a piece commissioned for above her stove, but they were all plates and flat.

  4. How sad! I am always heartbroken when I break a teacup. Lost a Forget-me-not this week to the cat! How sad...cup is intact, saucer smashed. So we will both have to get creative!

  5. oh gosh! am sorry for the broken cup! such a lovely teacup! and the broken china, perfect for mosaic projects.. dont be sad, you soon will find a new teacup to replace the broken one! have a great week!

  6. oh my! sorry to see that beautiful amarylis teacup broken to pieces!! i think Debi has a great idea to use the pieces for mosaic,.*hugs*

  7. Make a mosaic! I am so sorry you lost that pretty cup....

  8. OH! I would just be sick about it! Many make mosaics and this may be your chance to try one!


  9. Tara,I'm so sorry to see the mishap of your pretty cup/saucer. A mosaic is a lovely idea. You could use the pieces to fill in the border of a wooden frame, and add a photo of someone special the cup reminded you of. Or use it to mosaic a terra cotta pot and plant some darling petunias.

    Hope all ends well,

  10. Oh Tara! it is so sad to loose a pretty cup! My husband ran over one of mine hooo!
    I saved my pieces along with other pottery pieces and one day either I or someone else will get to use them to make something really pretty.

  11. Tara - I popped a link to your blog on my page as I've chosen you as one of my 'picks' to pass the Liebster Blog Award to :-)

    Take a look here:

    Jem xXx